Oct 16

BQ 4

I think the cause of their fight is the husband maybe lost his job or something related to his work because he came home from work.

Sep 22

BQ:3.2 A.) Think of a near death experience that happened to you or someone you know that happened to them.

When I was grade 3,I had a hard time carrying my bag from the gate of the grade school to our classroom.Our classroon was at the highest floor which was the third floor.One day,while I was walking to our classroom like any other student there,I suddenly can’t breathe and I was passing out slowly.I immediately called one of the teachers walking by to assist me to the clinic.When I got to the clinic,they checked my blood pressure and my breathing.They said that there was something wrong with me because I breathed slowly and heavily.My mom fetched me and got clothes from our house and we immediately went to the Hospital.The doctor said that I have a few amount of oxygen in my body so they sent me to the ICU.My nosee was attached to a oxygen tank beside my bed to gain the lost oxygen.I was there for two weeks. The end.

Aug 31

BQ 2.3 : Another Solution “Cold Equations”

Barton made a wrong decision in throwing Marilyn away from space.He should have thought about the things inside the ship that are useless and throw that off the ship to balance the ship’s weight rather than Marilyn.

Aug 25

BQ 1: Prequel of the story “By The Waters Of Bablyon”

The Gods were too selfish at each other and some Gods were getting tired of it.Because of this bad situation,they started a war that killed them all at the end.

Jul 31

BQ 5: What could be the “Contains of a dead mans pocket” that are not worth risking your life for. What you should value most

Money’s not worth risking my life because money is just for material things that we need in our daily lives.What we should risk our lives for are our family and friends because they are the ones who stand beside us and guide us in reaching our goals in life.They are the ones who cheer us up when we feel down,give us advice when we have problems and simply help us grow maturely.Family and friends are worth risking our lives for because they are priceless.

Jul 19

BQ4 : Character Analysis

  • Hulk                                                                                                                              External - When human : has black hair,blue eyes.                                     When turns to Hulk : Green skin,black hair,large body,large teeth.            Internal - ANGRY
Jul 05

Reflection on ” The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost

The poem ” The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost simply means that the traveler in the poem,needs to make decisions on choosing a road where leads him to his next destination.Robert Frost tells us that the traveler,us in particular,wil make our own decisions in life to move on.

Jun 21

Why do you think George Orwell assigned the leadership of the farm to the pigs?

I think that George Orwell assigned the leadership of the farm to the pigs because  according to my research,pigs are one of the most social and intelligent farm animals.Pigs can also work hard but better with another animal.This shows that George Orwell made an excellent decision in choosing a pig as the leader of the farm because pigs can do better things when working together just like our president, Noynoy Aquino,who serves and makes our country better with the government for the future to come .

Jun 19
Jordan Clothing!! :)

Jordan Clothing!! :)

Jun 17

Why does Man write Literature?

Man writes Literature to boost their confidence in writing.Literature can boost ones confidence in a way that they can express what they feel or what their opinion is in a topic. Writing Literature can also helps us use our freedom of speech,which we can tell our opinions freely.Literature is very important to man because without it we will have a hard time communicating with other people.And as we grow older,Literature also grows and spreads throughtout the world where people of all nation use this production of literary work to express their selves.So therefore I conclude that man writes Literature to boost their confidence in writing.